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For exam dining table brands and pricing click here

For exam dining table brands and pricing click here

Test dining tables a€“ Examination area machines like: Ritter and Mid tables a€“ Ritter 204, Ritter 108, Mid dining tables, 604 exam table, and electricity examination tables like the Ritter 222, Ritter 223, Midmark 305, Midmark 405, middle table systems.

Transportable ultrasounds and ultrasound imaging gear like Healcerion Sonon 300L, Sonon 300C, Sonoscape A6, Sonoscape S2, Eden mobile ultrasounds, Sonosite 180 Plus ultrasounds, Soundmed ultrasounds and more such as NEW OB GYN ultrasound products with convex, linear and transvaginal probe / transducers

Dent obtainable. Contact 858-263-4894 to order or see prices and supply. Various other d space lights, mayo appears,Welch allyn otoscopes, opthalmascopes, wall installed blood pressure, transportable temperature gauges, Ritter M9 and M11 sterlizer / autoclaves and other test place equipment. For Dent and costs name 858-263-4894 for California and 804-929-6886 for Richmond Virginia.

iMedical Ritter middle tables ENT seats middle tables and Ritter 230 ENT chair in photograph. The Ritter 222, 223 and Midmark 622 and 623 have been called a€?barrier freea€? given that they stay merely 18 in off the ground.

Energy Procedure furniture and Electric test furniture such as Mimark 75L, Midmark 111, Midmable placement, Midmark 119, Midmark 417 Podiatry couch, versions and much more. Finding a specific electricity process seat model email you at or give us a call at 858-263-4894 or 858-652-1259 extra photos and informative data on Ritter, middle tables follow this link

Applied, refurbished medical bedrooms from Stryker and Hill Rom in inventory today like slope Rom Advance 1000 collection, Hill Rom Advanta P1600, mountain Rom Century, slope Rom P1900 TotalCare recreation with airbed system, mountain Rom P1900 TotalCare therapy sleep, slope Rom P3200 Versacare bed, mountain Rom CareAssist sleep, slope Rom Affinity 2 birthing sleep, Hill Rom attraction 3 birthing bed, slope Rom Affinity 4 pregnancy bed, Stryker protected 2 circular rail, Stryker Secure 2 square rail, Stryker safe 3, Stryker Go positive sleep and other sleep types including bariatric beds from Joerns and KCI such as the Stryker Bari 10A, Camtech LTC 850 sleep and Hill Rom 1840 TotalCare bariatric healthcare bedrooms that sit into a complete chair position. More Hospital Bed Photos and pricing click here

Stryker and mountain Rom Stretchers a€“ fully reconditioned Hill Rom P8000 and P8005 Transtar stretcher gurneys, Stryker Prime Series stretchers 1105, 1115 and a€?Ma€? show stretcher models like 1005, 1007, 1015, 1025 systems, 1231, 721, 1501, 738 versions and other models in inventory

Welch Allyn client displays, GE Dinamap a€“ Carescape V100 100 displays, Datascope Spectrum, Passport 2 screens with SP02, ECG, hypertension and Temperature functions and many some other patient screens with CO2, ECG and SP02 restored with a-1 year warranty.

More information on essential signal patient monitors click on this link e mail us at 858-263-4894 for rates and availableness in addition by e-mail at

Neo Natal infant equipment for sale such as: Drager IsoletteA® Infant Incubator (brands C2000 and C2000e) reconditioned a€“ Drager Resuscitaire baby hotter kids cribs, toddler machines, toddler phototherapy lighting plus. Selecting toddler, NEO Natal, NICU medical machines? Mail or contact us for current rates and supply at all of our factory stores with general pricing.

Stryker Renaissance strechers, Stryker 5050 stretcher, 5051 seat gurney, Stryker PACU stretcher gurneys and more. OB-GYN stretchers like slope Rom 8050 unit and also the Stryker 1061 a€?Gynniea€? stretchers. Contact us for current items and pricing. More on Stretcher and Gurney’s just click here

Cardiac color ultrasounds with cardiac probes, convex probes and 12 months guarantee. Ultrasounds for muscle tissue skeletal, vascular, abdominal reports and a lot more. GE, Philips, Siemens ultrasound models in inventory today. More about Ultrasound / Imaging machines click

Selecting MRI, X Ray or CT products? We also are constantly acquiring info on used a€“ restored imaging machines taken from healthcare facilities and that can help you to get high quality x-ray products for a great price.